Sunday, October 11, 2009

Session Savers

I would like to introduce you to Session Savers Energy Bars. This little energy packed bars are the best to train on and work with.

Top Quality Ingredients

We pride ourselves on only using the freshest available 100% certified organic ingredients in our bars.

Perfect Balance

The ingredients have been carefully chosen and balanced for moderated sugar delivery to the bloodstream, thus preventing the dreaded “rush and crash”. Session Saver gives prolonged energy delivery and can be taken over longer periods as it is a “whole food”.

The bars are prepared at low temperatures that do not destroy many active enzymes and nutrients in the ingredients. Our production process removes the enzyme inhibitors allowing the body to assimilate the available nutrients rapidly.

Sports Tuned

Session Saver energy bars are a great tasting, high performance, all natural energy bar.

Designed for surfers and excellent for all endurance sports. We are committed to organic whole foods, delivering a fuel your body can truly use.

Dietician Approved

Session Saver has been chosen by dietitians to assist their clients with their weight loss programs. Helps curb hunger and cravings providing an excellent snack or meal replacement.

Quality Snack Food

Session Saver acts as a low GI food source giving a sweet taste with no sugar rush, highly suitable for kids of all ages! Works as a great instant energy picker-upper .