Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bluewater Players Closes

It has been a sad sight to see shops close down over the last couple of months and this month we see the Only SUP Shop in Noosa Close it doors.

Stockiest of a number a high quality SUP gear including the Kia Kaka Paddles we see Bluewater Players have closed its door.

I wish Jonathan and the family a safe journey down to Sydney.

Nakula Taste Test completed

Got to try the New Nakula last night and WOW!

We were told to drink it like Champaign as there was only a couple of cases in Australia. Must be served Chilled WOW!

I don't drink much Champaign but I would be drinking this stuff like it is going out of fashion.

Such a smooth Natural taste just like drinking coconut from the source.

After a long busy day a can of Nakula hit the spot.

Thanks Tony for thinking of us unreal drink!