Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paddle Fit Session


Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles offers 'on water training' solutions to ensure you master the perfect paddling technique, skills and fitness level required for all types of paddling disciplines.

Our experience and coaching talent is extensive, and our world-class coaches; Jodie & Woogie Marsh have extensive experience across numerous paddling disciplines. Woogie has represented New Zealand at World Outrigger Canoe Sprints & Numerous overseas event such as the Molokai Crossing winning 2 times and never out of the top 5, whilst Jodie is a qualified SUP trainer with experience in both Outrigger Canoeing & SUP stroke Correction & Nutrition. Together they share a wealth of paddling knowledge and expertise to assist you to paddle at your best.


Reserve your spot today at one of the following classes:

  • Ladies Paddle Fit: A 1 hour 30 min paddling fitness training class focusing on strength, power and endurance work outs whilst incorporating paddling specific core exercises. Sessions will also focus on technique and will vary in intensity.
  • Ocean Paddle Fit: A 1 hour 30 min paddle session developing an eye for swell catching. The Fitness training class focusing on strength, power and endurance work.

  • Paddle Fit: A 1 hour 30 min paddling fitness training class focusing on strength, power and endurance work outs whilst incorporating paddling specific core exercises. Sessions will also focus on technique and will vary in intensity. Reflect upon your technique and utilise our expertise to master the perfect paddling stroke.
  • Contact us to register your interest for the next class.
Times: 9:00 am
Day: Monday
Class: Ladies Paddle Fit

Time: 9:00 am
Day: Wednesday
Class: Ocean Paddle Fit

Time: 9:00 am
Day: Friday
Class: Ocean Paddle Fit

Time: 8:30 am
Day: Saturday
Class: Paddle Fit

Time: 8:00 am
Day: Sunday
Group: Beach Boys Surfing Club


LADIES PADDLE FIT $10 per class Concession cards available on request
OCEAN PADDLE FIT $10 per class - Concession cards Available
PADDLE FIT $12 per class - Concession Cards Available
BOOKINGS: To book text name and class to 0412 598 929 or E:


Utilise the expertise of Woogie Marsh to master the perfect technique.
Organise an individual session or a group of 2 or 3 with your paddling friends.

Cost: 1 person: $75 2 people: $50 pp 3 people: $40 pp

All technique Tuition is video so you can see what is happening and have a reference.

Ocean Paddle Fit

Ocean Paddle Fit is our regular training squad that paddles every Wednesday & Friday at Noosa. Paddling in a group environment is not only more enjoyable but greatly assists in improving your speed and skills. Our training methodology is very practical, easy to follow and designed to work for all levels of paddlers. Ocean Paddle Fit key focus areas are:

  • Paddle fitness
  • Improving technique
  • Improving ocean surf skills
  • Improving race times

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Training - Molokai 2 Oahu 2010

Seasons of Training - Periods of Training - Subphased - Mesocycles - Microcycles

To make it simple

Base One - Pre Season General Prep
Working On Technique / Endurance

Base Two - Still Pre Season Specific Prep
Endurance / moving into Strength / Endurance

Speed - Pre Comp

In Season - Competitive Racing / Surfing
High Maintenance.

With this in mind I set on my training programme diary 16 weeks out from

I am in the last 3 weeks of my Molokai 2 Oahu Training Programme. Intensity has increase and endurance has decrease every training session is short and sweet with the odd long session too still have the endurance base. I am luck that I can do a couple of Outrigger Canoe Session as well and surf sessions which helps with the explosive component of my programme. I am a firm believer that what the day brings is how you train and living on the Sunshine Coast we get a good amount of both Surf & Down wind condition.

I have mixed my weeks up with Biking, swimming, gym workouts, outrigger OC1 paddling, OC4 Surfing Canoe & SUP. This helps make it interesting and also I get to spend time with my family.

The Race - Molokai 2 Oahu 2010

The Race

Race Date: Sunday July 25th 2010

Entry Deadline: July 1st 2010

Distance: 32 Miles across the Kaiiwi Channel

Course: From Kaluakoi Beach in Molokai to Muanalua Bay in Oahu. The course is approximately 32 miles form point to point and depending on wind and currents can take competitors to the north or south to ride swells and the tide.

Information: We have tried to compile all the information that you will need in planning for your race and travel in the following sections. We will be updating this section as we get closer to the event and encourage you to check back regularly.


How the Molokai Paddleboard race began –

From the desk of Mike Takahashi, Race Director

In 1996 paddleboarding was making a comeback. The sport, once the domain of only the most hardcore of waterman and big wave riders back in the late 50’s and 60’s had found a new set of acolytes on the North Shore of Oahu and in Honolulu at the Outrigger Canoe Club. At that time Hawaii’s top paddler was Dawson Jones. He had just completed the 32 mile Catalina Classic and felt that we could do the same thing here with the Molokai Channel. He got together with his training partners, Garrett Macamara, Charlie Walker, Dennis Pang, and I, Mike Takahashi to see if we thought it was possible to start a Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race in the following year, While we all agreed it was a great idea, only Dawson, Garrett, and I decided to try and put it together. Garrett and I started Epic Sports Productions as a means of keeping the race separate from our own personal finances. I put up all the initial start up money.

I realized early on that entry fees could not cover the cost of the race, so we began to look for sponsors. Pete Johnson put us in touch with Barrett tester, a freelance marketer, who assisted in establishing a relationship and money from a division at Quicksilver, called Q, which at the time was trying to establish itself as a line for “watermen.” I think Robert Redding was the director of the division at the time. It came together and the first crossing happened in July 1997. I did almost everything leading up to the race, Dawson organized the safety boats, and Garrett and Andrea ran the finish, since I was on Molokai organizing and paddling in the race.

The first race was a success in many ways. It was an instant hit with the local media. The contestants were stoked; we crossed the channel, a historic first time. Barrett ended up getting a job at Quicksilver and Mick Dibetta was on the way to becoming the father of Australian paddleboarding. I also realized that this event had a mystique and filled the void left by the lack of big winter surf during the summer. I knew that it had to be preserved and perpetuated. This year will mark the 14th annual running of the event. Amazing. Have a safe and fun crossing.

Molokai 2 Oahu

The Channel - Molokai 2 Oahu Paddle 2010

Ka’iwi Channel – translation: the channel of bones, aka: Molokai Channel.
The Ka’iwi, or Molokai, Channel has a centuries old reputation for being a treacherous body of water that has claimed the lives of many, from ancient canoe fleets, to fisherman and watermen.

The tragic loss of Hawaiian big-wave rider and renaissance man Eddie Aikau in the Molokai Channel during the 1978 Polynesian voyage of the Hokule’a sailing canoe, only added to the mystique and revered power of the channel. After gail-force winds and 30-foot swells disabled the Hokule’a, Aikau headed off on his rescue paddleboard for land to seek help for his stranded crew mates. His body and his board were never found.

Paddling has been a part of Hawaiian heritage since early Polynesians traversed over 2,500 miles of open ocean, navigating by way of waves, wind and stars. Double-hulled sailing canoes covered the long distances, single hull outrigger canoes covered shorter distances (such as inter-island paddles), and with the introduction of surfing in the late 18th century, paddleboarding also became a means of local ocean transport.

Today there are official races for outrigger canoe, surf skis, Stand Up Paddle boarders and paddleboards. Each take place across the Molokai Channel and each of these races are regarded world-wide as the crowning challenge for each sport.

The Challenge: 32 Miles of Open Ocean

  • Regarded as the world championship of paddleboard racing.
  • Traverses 32 miles of rough water from the North Shore of Molokai, to the South Shore of Oahu.
  • Covers a depth of 2,300 feet and is subject to open-ocean swells of up to 30 feet.
  • Considered one of the roughest ocean channels in the world.
  • Ultimate test of endurance – no engines or sails, just a paddler and the propulsion power of his arms.
  • Wildy varying open-ocean conditions challenge a paddler’s surfing skills.
  • Top paddlers can ride swells for 100s of yards.
  • Capricious currents and tidal effects test a paddler’s ocean navigation skills.
  • Record crossing time: 4:45:03, set by Jamie Mitchell in 2004.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cover Up!!

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia are adding to their range of paddles and canoes & looking at ways to help protect your prize processions with Canoe & Paddle Covers.

Our focus is on protection from the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays which are damaging to epoxy, gelcoat, wood & our skin. Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia are offering the best paddle gear, UV/Water protective covers, canvas and Stretch Cover bags.

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia have continuously research and updated our canoe & paddling equipment now we are doing the same in Canoe & Paddle accessories. This information will give you the best products and most current information for care and use of your outrigger equipment.

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia have worked close with our Hawaiian Manufacturer as well as with local canoe builders, clubs & paddlers and have listen to your needs recommendations, complaints and suggestions in order to give you the absolute best product for your needs.
Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia strive to provide the Paddling Community with the highest quality accessories made!

Kia Kaha Canoes & paddles Australia is dedicated to the education, preservation and enhancement of outrigger canoe sport.

Why protect your Canoes?

OC1 / OC2 are most commonly made from Epoxy Fibre Glass or Carbon Fibre. Although these products are durable and long-lasting, they are also fragile. OC1/OC2 canoes are painted with "Gel Coat" that will bubble if left in the Sun & standing water for extended periods of time.

UV radiation (sun exposure) dries out the Epoxy or Carbon Fibre causing it to fade and become brittle. Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia recommend keeping your canoe covered in a UV protected bag or area, stored upside down in a dry environment.

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia covers are custom designed to fit your canoe! Each Cover is hand made to order so please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Isn't your canoe worth the best possible protection?