Monday, June 14, 2010


What a big weekend

The Xcel Open Ocean Race was run and Won by James Billy Watson. Xcel has taken over the sponsorship of the 4th Annual Open Ocean Race for all water crafts from SUP, Prone Paddle Boards, Surf Ski & Outrigger Canoes.

With not the best conditions the race as held back from the massive amount of entries that they had to process before the race. With 150 paddlers it is the biggest field that the race has had.

First of the SUP Paddlers - James Billy Watson followed by Woogie Marsh

From Currumbin Alley you could see a line of paddlers coming from Snapper which was hard to see for a while but you could slowly start making them out once they got closer.

Left hand view with Kelly Margettes on the Left

Woogie approaching the Alley

Billy with Ski Paddler rounding Currumbin Alley.

It was a tough day for all paddlers but with competition this close you had to paddle the whole way.

Billy gets a well deserved break by catching a little wave at the Alley

Woogie applying pressure to his paddle to get into a small runner

Nick Mac Donald hit the Alley in 4th place but was over took by Paul Jackson on the run up the creek to the finish line.

Competitors had to fight against not only other paddlers but the outgoing tide and head wind as they head towards Throwers Drive Bridge to the Finish line.

Paul Jackson
Steve Walker cracked a wave at the Alley for a much deserved breather before the paddle up the creek.

Full Results with Times

1 0.5952 James Watson Unlimited open men
2 1.0205 Kelly Margetts Unlimited open men
3 1.0212 Woogie Marsh Unlimited open men
4 1.0328 Paul Jackson Unlimited open men
5 1.0405 Nick Mcdonald Unlimited open men
6 1.0520 Steven Walker Unlimited open men
7 1.0613 Peter Meyer Unlimited open men
8 1.0744 Troy Pease Stock open men
9 1.0807 Chris Maynard Stock open men
10 1.0827 Mark Waldeck Unlimited Over 40 Men
11 1.1013 Sam Parker Unlimited open men
12 1.1014 Dale Chapman Unlimited Over 40 Men
13 1.1108 Peter Dorries Unlimited Over 40 Men
14 1.1128 Chris Chamberlain Unlimited open men
15 1.1243 Mark Huxley Unlimited open men
16 1.1303 Steve Quiller Unlimited Over 40 Men
17 1.1330 Alison Fullagar Unlimited Open Women First Women
18 1.1432 Peter Morgan Unlimited open men
19 1.1540 Troy Quinlan Stock open men
20 1.1638 Andrew Edhouse Unlimited open men
21 1.1641 Andrew Reid Stock open men
22 1.1658 Peter Turner Stock open men
23 1.1848 Dougall Walker Unlimited Over 40 Men
24 1.1906 Jeremy Scott Unlimited Over 40 Men
25 1.1908 James Brydon Stock open men
26 1.1909 Simon Hunnybun Unlimited open men
27 1.1924 Sue Sheard Unlimited Open Women 2nd Women's
28 1.1930 Greg Beer Stock open men
29 1.2013 Stuart Phinn Unlimited Over 40 Men
30 1.2014 Jay Gates Stock open men
31 1.2029 Angela Jackson Unlimited Open Women 3rd Women's
32 1.2032 Julian Blanchard Unlimited Over 40 Men
33 1.2036 Gavin Smith Stock open men
34 1.2043 Jasleigh Geary Unlimited Open Women
35 1.2122 Adam Scott Unlimited open men
36 1.2212 Craig Jones Stock open men
37 1.2241 Adam Munro Stock open men
38 1.2242 Ben Goodwin Stock open men
39 1.2518 Brad Bricknell Stock open men
40 1.2739 Dave Seymour Stock open men
41 1.2752 Simone Horsfield Unlimited Open Women
42 1.3041 Jocelyn Kempe Unlimited Open Women
43 1.3115 Simon Dyer Unlimited Over 40 Men
44 1.3137 Nick O'Keefe Stock open men
45 1.3155 Penny Kempe Unlimited Open Women
46 1.3306 Ben Oxman Stock open men
47 1.3350 Sally Smith Unlimited Open Women
48 1.3417 John Mossop Unlimited Over 40 Men
49 1.3525 Paul Scott Stock open men
50 1.3645 Craig Pitchers Unlimited Over 40 Men
51 1.3740 Hilton Fletcher Unlimited open men
52 1.3830 Scott Lindley Unlimited Over 40 Men
53 1.3946 Richard Baumfield Unlimited Over 40 Men
54 1.4169 Paul Budrikis Stock open men
55 1.4230 Michael Cartwright Stock open men
56 1.4335 Peter Tullett Unlimited Over 40 Men
57 1.4659 Matt Coulam Stock open men
58 1.4730 Michael Rodd Unlimited Over 40 Men
59 1.5136 John-Paul Smith Stock open men
60 1.5457 Sonia North Unlimited Open Women
61 1.5458 Shannan North Stock open men
62 2.0755 Vincent Dumarski Stock open men
63 DNS Phil Gregory Unlimited Over 40 Men

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