Monday, June 28, 2010

Cover Up!!

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia are adding to their range of paddles and canoes & looking at ways to help protect your prize processions with Canoe & Paddle Covers.

Our focus is on protection from the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays which are damaging to epoxy, gelcoat, wood & our skin. Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia are offering the best paddle gear, UV/Water protective covers, canvas and Stretch Cover bags.

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia have continuously research and updated our canoe & paddling equipment now we are doing the same in Canoe & Paddle accessories. This information will give you the best products and most current information for care and use of your outrigger equipment.

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia have worked close with our Hawaiian Manufacturer as well as with local canoe builders, clubs & paddlers and have listen to your needs recommendations, complaints and suggestions in order to give you the absolute best product for your needs.
Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia strive to provide the Paddling Community with the highest quality accessories made!

Kia Kaha Canoes & paddles Australia is dedicated to the education, preservation and enhancement of outrigger canoe sport.

Why protect your Canoes?

OC1 / OC2 are most commonly made from Epoxy Fibre Glass or Carbon Fibre. Although these products are durable and long-lasting, they are also fragile. OC1/OC2 canoes are painted with "Gel Coat" that will bubble if left in the Sun & standing water for extended periods of time.

UV radiation (sun exposure) dries out the Epoxy or Carbon Fibre causing it to fade and become brittle. Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia recommend keeping your canoe covered in a UV protected bag or area, stored upside down in a dry environment.

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia covers are custom designed to fit your canoe! Each Cover is hand made to order so please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Isn't your canoe worth the best possible protection?

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