Thursday, December 30, 2010


Friday Madness Sale.

End of year Blow out Canoes must go!!!!

Kia Kaha Wainui Canoe for Sale at $4000.00 AUD

Sale ends 6th January 2011.

Maui Kjeldsen designed the WAINUI to serve as an all-around canoe for the average sized paddler, to be fast on flat water while excelling in sizable ocean conditions.

The Wainui glides in flat water and excels in rough, sloppy conditions as well.
Seat and ama configuration create a canoe that gives the paddler amazing control.


  • 20'-10" in length

  • 15" wide

  • Sit in style seat for extra control

  • Ama rides closer to the pivot point of the canoe in comparison to other OC-1 models for extra performance in rough water

  • Very efficient footwell drains

  • Double bungee storage in the front and back

  • Bungee and paddle clip on back deck to carry a spare paddle

  • Hull weight: varies depending on lay-up material, starting @ 20-23 pounds

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Kia Kaha Web Site

I have set up a new Kia Kaha Canoes Paddles Australia Web Site

Gives you a run down on where to buy or you can buy online.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Waiting for the Defending Champ

Woogie heading out for a Friday Afternoon Surf

Mike Taking out the Queen Mary for a paddle before the massive Weekend

The Friday was a day to relax and have some fun with some of the Hawaiian Boys who had made the trip over to Australia for the Nationals – this is the 2nd year they have had the trip and it has been well received by all. Conditions were not the best but all still had fun on the boards. The Fusion 9’ was great in these condition and a couple of people took it out for a test. Keeping in mind a lot of these paddlers are OC1 paddlers not surfers or SUP paddlers at all.

Chris Simmons Getting Wet before the weekend

Woogie Paddling out
Woogie Laying back

Riggs Napoleon getting some waves before the weekend
Sam Williams

Race Day Long Course Briefing - Still no defending Champ

Canoe Line Up

2nd Place Getter Todd Cohan

With just minutes to go before the race start Woogie was still waiting on the beach for Greg Long. After a massive couple of hours a travelling Longi made it to the Park Beach side of Pier Beach with minutes to spare.

Longi had traveled from WA the night before on the red eye to get to the National Titles to defend his OC1 ranking. He arrived into Brisbane Airport at 2:00 am then had to drive to the Gold Coast for a couple of hours sleep before the massive 4 hour drive down to Coffs Harbour for the Long Course race. What they didn't factor in was that NSW has Daylight savings so were running late right from the start - with a couple of quick calls the Long course race was put back by 1 hours with a start time of 12:30.

Waiting on the beach when all the other competitors heading for the start line was good mate Woogie with all his race gear ready and canoe number. Mike had instructed the two to head off from the rock wall on the Park beach side of the harbour. Longi pulled up and Woogie helped him unloaded the canoe and helped rigged it up. This was a great sign of sportsmanship as Woogie could have left with the rest and been waiting on the start line ready to race.

They both got on the water and headed to the start line - Yellow flag went up - cool 2 minutes until race start we have time - with in 30 secs the start grabbed the wrong flag and up went the Green - SHIIIIIITTTTTT they were off like a flash. Woogie was still mucking around with his drinking system that he just got that morning - Bloody ANDY from Paddles sold me a dud - I will have to go 25km without water.

Longi & Woogie started there massive task of fit back - coming back through the field to get towards the front of the pack. Woogie's goal was to improve on last year this is not a good start. With a 100m handicap to make up it was not going to be easy.

Both paddlers made there way through the pack - Woogie ended up getting the drinking system going with one big pull so he was relieved to have fluids.

Final race results
Tavis Grant 1st - OC1 National Title Holder
Todd Cohan 2nd - Improved from last year
Greg Long 3rd - with a 100m handicap you can only but wonder.

Woogie ended up 7th a great improvement from last year and with the fire still in his belly he was happy with his result and only hopes that one of these days gets a race day perfect.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'tis the Season

It is hard to believe we are already at the close of the first decade in the new Millennium. It seems like yesterday that we were fearful of the Millennium Bug. Some of is held our breath as the clocks struck twelve, but the computers simply sailed on into the new ear along with the rest of us without a single glitch.

This year has been no different to any other - BUSY and that's how we like it!

We've introduced new models and phased out others and we've continued to introduce new programs to benefit our customers. Most recently we launched our KIA KAHA CANOES into AUSTRALIA and with this come more clinics and training squads.

We've also remained active in our community supporting the Noosa Heads Beachboy Surfing Club as well as several other Outrigger Canoe Adventures.

As you can see 2010 has been busy, but so too will 2011 and we're looking forward to it.

From all of us here at Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles we wish you a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year.

Good Friend and one of Taj hero's James Billy Watson - support crew for Woogie & Jamie during Gold Coast Cup

Jamie Mitchell on the Hiko before the Gold Coast Cup

Woogie on the Hiko before the Gold Coast Cup

New Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Shirt from Oiwi

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The COREBAN Great Melbourne Race

It is with great pleasure that COREBAN International and Stand Up Paddle Victoria (SUP VIC) combine to present the inaugural running of THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE, launching the 2010/11 Summer season on Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay.

Slated for Sunday 5th December, THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE brings together Stand Up Paddle (SUP) with Ironman style Prone Paddle Boarding, and welcomes participants of all ages, experience and abilities.

To be held at picturesque Green Point, Brighton Beach, THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE will be a family friendly day featuring kids races, social paddling, a 2km short course social race, and the blue riband Legends of the Bay 8km race. If conditions permit the 8km main event will be run between Ricketts Point, Beaumaris and Green Point. Reputations will be made and old scores settled as the cream of Victoria’s crop goes toe-to-toe with interstate raiders in this flat water classic.

Also on hand will be internationally renowned OC1 and SUP champion Woogie Marsh to provide invaluable paddling tips. Additionally, Woogie will be conducting a clinic on Saturday 4th December outside SHQ café, Jetty Rd Sandringham, focussing on correct stroke technique and injury prevention. And hopefully Woogie’s expert advice will help you improve your skills and get amongst the prizes on the day.

Speaking of which, SUP VIC is pleased to welcome Bendigo Bank Sandringham Branch,Island Tribe Sun Protection, and SHQ Boardsports as prize sponsors of THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE with more sponsors to be announced in the coming days. The event will recognise Juniors, Women and Open champions in both SUP and Prone Paddle Boarding across the short and long course races. Additionally, lucky draw prizes will be awarded so all competitors are in with a chance to go home a winner.

Competitor entry on the day will be $20 for the 2km short course race or $30 for the 8km Legends of the Bay race. However pre-registration online prior to race day will earn a $10 discount. To redeem your discount pre-register now click here.

So whether you’re the next Danny Ching or Jamie Mitchell, or whether you just like to cruise about and have fun, get out on the water and get training, get fit, and get ready for the inaugural running of THE GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE.

lovely sad true story

Colours of the Rainbow

New KIA KAHA Stock Paddles in Store Now

Noosa Surf Works - Noosaville QLD
Bluewater Players - Noosa Junction QLD
Funs Back Surf - Cottosloe WA
Greenline SUP Store - Mermaid Beach QLD
All Above Board - Lennox Heads NSW

More Stores to come Near you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gold Coast Cup Relay Video

1 Man Relay with Woogie( from Jamie Mitchell on Vimeo.

Paddle for a Life


The Torres Straits encompasses an area of 48,000 square kilometers and contains 20 Island communities. Traditionally travel in this area is by vessel. Due to this fact the Torres Straits has the highest annual number of Search and Rescues incidents throughout Australia.

An audit of Search and Rescue incidents within the Torres Straits has revealed that in the majority of circumstances a lack of awareness of maritime legislation and safety requirements has been a contributing cause.

A lack of awareness on the requirements of and legislation relating to maritime safety is a contributor to such incidents occurring and a major concern for stakeholder agencies coordinating and responding to such incidents.

Through on going meetings and discussions with Water Police, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Volunteer Marine Rescue and Customs, it was revealed that there is an ongoing need for maritime safety awareness and education in the Torres Straits.
Torres Strait Islander communities are to be made aware of the following:

• Maritime safety legislation
• Maritime safety requirements
• Marine safety strategies

It was proposed that members of Thursday Island Police and stakeholder agencies conduct Maritime Safety Awareness information sessions and associated projects.


Thursday Island Police have initiated Project ‘Paddle for a Life’ which is a significant Torres Strait Island hopping, outrigger marathon, crewed by indigenous and non indigenous stakeholder agency representatives within the Torres Straits. This project aims to increase maritime safety awareness by people living in Island communities throughout the Torres Strait and at the same time reduce the number of Search and Rescue incidents in the area. This in turn would reduce the enormous financial expenditure in managing search and rescue incidents.
Project ‘Paddle for a Life’ will be a three phase project as per the following:
• Phase One – Conduct an outrigger marathon commencing at Darnley Island (Erub Island) via a number of Torres Strait Islands and finishing at Thursday Island.
• Phase Two – Project stakeholder agencies to conduct maritime safety presentations at Islands visited throughout the marathon period.
• Phase Three – Generate significant local, state and national, print and electronic media interest into Search and Rescue activities within the Torres Strait during phases one and two.

Project Itinerary and Route

This project intends to commence on the 31 January 2011 which will see participating stakeholder agencies travel to Darnley Island and commence the marathon on the 1st February 2011 from Darnley Island.

This commencing date has been chosen due to the fact the sea conditions at this time of the year and predicted tides are most favorable and is traditional the peak period for search and rescues in the Torres Strait area.

The proposed itinerary and route of the marathon is as follows:

Day One – Darnley Island to York Island (Presentation at York Island)
Day Two – York Island to Coconut Island (Presentation at Coconut Island)
Day Three – Coconut Island to Yam Island (Presentation at Yam Island)
Day Four – Yam Island to Kai Reef (overnight anchorage)
Day Five – Kai Reef to Mabuiag Island (Presentation at Mabuaig Island)
Day Six – Mabuiag Island to Badu Island (Presentation at Badu Island)
Day Seven – Badu Island to Thursday Island (Finishing ceremony at Thursday Island)

The total distance travelled over the marathon will be approximately 148 nautical miles over a 7 day period.

Sponsorship/Donations sought

From this letter we are trying to source some paddles for the project and any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Jarrad BANKS
Senior Constable 18977
Thursday Island Police Station
Ph. 4069 1520
Fax. 4069 1432

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jamie Mitchell On a Kia Kaha Hiko


With the Gold Coast Cup Relay just around the corner Woogie needed a Partner to do the 35 Km OC1 Relay. Who better than Jamie Mitchell.

Check out a little clip of him test riding the Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Hiko Canoe at Currumbin Alley.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

SUP Australia Inc Website

Things are progressing well.

1. The SUP Australia Inc website is now up.

It's very basic at the moment. We will be reformatting, adding in other information including sponsorships pages, advertising etc.

Friday, October 29, 2010


"War on Water"

Noosa's own Laguna Bay Longboards will sponsor the biggest ever stand up paddle
division at the 2011 Noosa Festival of Surfing. In a joint announcement,
Laguna's Tully St John and festival director Phil Jarratt said the expansion of
the division was in keeping with the tremendous growth of stand up around the

The four-year-old Stand Up Paddle Pro surfing event will be joined by amateur
divisions for seniors (over 45) and women, plus a 5-kilometre "loop" race on
Laguna Bay prior to the Festival's opening ceremony on Sunday, 13 March.

"We wanted the SUPS at the Noosa Festival to reflect what's happening
everywhere in the world of stand up," said Tully St John. "That is, everyone is
doing it, from surfers of all ages to serious watermen and surf paddlers, from
kids to mums who see it as a great workout. Laguna Bay Longboards SUPS will
cater to all of them, and we expect to attract stand up paddlers from all over."

Festival director Phil Jarratt said he was delighted that a local surf company
had come in as sponsor. "Under his various surfboard brands, Tully has been a
major player in the local industry for quite a while now, and it's great to see
him developing SUPS alongside traditional surfboards. While stand up has
developed a life of its own in many land-locked places, on our coasts we want
to see it grow side by side with surfing, and so does our governing body,
Surfing Australia. We're all from the same tribe, and the Laguna Bay SUPS
division at the Noosa Festival will demonstrate that."

Tully said he had been inspired by recent stand up paddle races, such as the
Battle of the Paddle in Hawaii and California, to work with surf club officials
in creating a loop course close to the beach, so that spectators could watch
the entire race "up close and personal". Competitors will paddle five times
around a one-kilometre triangular course, punctuating each circuit with a beach
sprint. "Racing is always thrilling when you've got the paddle in your hands,"
Tully said, "But we want to make it just as exciting for the spectators." The
Battle of the Paddle at Doheny Beach, California in early October, broke
spectator records with almost 10,000 people gathering to watch a thrilling
race, with more than 800 competitors in the water.

Entry forms for the Laguna Bay Longboards Stand Up Paddle division are now
available on-line at the festival site, or you can download the attached form
and fax to 07 5473 5974. For further information phone the hotline.

Other divisions now open are:

Fin-Free Pro, Noserider Pro, Tandem Open, Family Challenge HOTLINE: 07 5473 5676

Thursday, October 28, 2010

SUP Australia Inc. Peak Body Finally Born!!!

SUP Australia Inc. Peak Body Finally Born!!!

Standup Paddlesurfing in Australia has been crying out for a national association and finally due to the hard work and dedication of Tania Nesbitt, SUP Australia Inc. has been born. The aim of the association is to provide rules, regulation and training in the sport and support clubs with start-up as well as providing competitively priced insurance packages. The association will also consult with local councils on SUP School accreditation and genral requirements.

The progress so far..

  • 7 Clubs have come onboard.
  • Former ASP Head Judge Perry Hatchett has come onboard to compile the rules & regs.
  • The surfing rules will follow the criteria as set by the SUP World Tour. (See Details HERE)
  • Sponsorship being finalised.
  • Event program being prepared, expect at least one major event before the end of the year!

The current Board Of Directors are:

  • Jamie Mitchell
  • Will Anido
  • Darren Borg
  • Simon Dodd
  • Andrew Cassidy
  • Stuart Murray
  • Paul Jackson
  • Jodie Marsh
  • Woogie Marsh

The association is on the lookout for representives from WA, TAS, SA & VIC to sit on the board.

All interested parties can contact Tania at

Living the Stoke Movie...

Just a few days short of a year from when we filmed the trip....Finally it's out Here's the link to the trailer and the e-broucher for the Australian Premier , hope you enjoy the fantastic vision and original Australian sounds tracks. Please forward this to your friends...

Click here to watch the trailer>>

Monday, October 25, 2010

King of the Coast 2010

Race 6 AORS
Saturday 30th October 2010

9.30am - 10.15amKen Wallace Paddling Clinic CLARK PARK River Esplanade (Race finish area).
10.30am - 12.30pmPre-race registration at Moffat headland. Pickup race top , timing anklet and Goodie bag, drink voucher.
1.20pmRace briefing for all
1.30pmRACE START ALL AWAY Moffats Beach
From 1.30pmManufacturer and product stalls, bbq, drinks, music, jumping castle, face painting at O'Connor's Beach Park - Mooloolaba; gold coin donation to SC Children's Therapy Centre
2.20pmFirst competitors may start to arrive at Point Cartwright
3.30pmDash for Cash followed straight after by Presentations

Race Information:
Race will commence from Moffat Beach at 1.30pm sharp. Registration will be at race start 9am - 11am.
Briefing 15 mins prior to start Moffat Beach.
The course will be approximately 16kms long from Moffat Headland to inside the Mooloolaba Marina straight to waters front of O'Connor's Beach Park (past The Wharf tavern Mooloolaba) through Think Kayak sand Finish and over timing plate.
Race date is 30th October 2010.
King of the coast is now proud to be a part of the Australian Racing Series.
The AORS is a national series incorporating 10 ocean racing events. The series will travel around the country to Australia's most popular beaches showcasing men and women competing in a variety of categories in the only ocean racing series of its kind. The time of start may differ depending upon wind conditions and starting point. Information we will endeavor to deliver by text and email so please add mobile and emails numbers to registration and/or check website for updates.
****Updated information: please note that 'the Twist' Teams and Double race has been cancelled from the AORS event program this season so there will be no Double Championships. So too has the Lion Island Challenge.

Updated info: Competitors will take their best 6 results from 10 races which will decide the national champion in the various categories as outlined below.
All events will be awarded equal points with the exception of the Doctor which will be awarded double points.
The Finn Kayaks Coastal Challenge is a teams event and will have points awarded towards the AORS series points.
*Double points awarded for the Doctor

  • Open
  • Open Women
  • Under 20 Men
  • Under 20 Women
  • Over 40 Men
  • Over 40 Women
  • Over 50 Men
  • Under 20ft craft Men
  • Under 20ft craft Women
  • Mixed Double
  • SUP Open board size Men
  • SUP Open board size Women
  • SUP 12'6 and under Men
  • SUP 12'6 and under Women
  • Paddleboard Open board size Men
  • Paddleboard Open board size Women
  • OC1 Men
  • OC1 Women
  • OC1 u/21 (KOTC only)

  • Category Descriptions
    Under 20 ft Any craft under 20ft for example Think craft, Fenn XT, Epic Sport, all Spec Ski's, Plastics
    Under 20 Must be 20 or under as of the first AORS event of the series
    Over 40 Must be 40 or over as of the first AORS event of the series
    Over 50 Must be 50 or over as of the first AORS event of the series

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    Noosa OC1 OC2 QLD Series Race

    Noosa outrigger Canoe Club OC1 OC2 QLD Series Race

    NOCC is delighted to be hosting the 4th race of the 2010 AOCRA SQZ series for OC-1s and OC-2s plus surfskis and SUPs. Last year the weather was very kind to us and offered a challenging and testing event for all paddlers especially those in the long course. Let's hope for similar conditions again this year.

    In line with AOCRA SQZ's recommendations, our regatta will comprise a short course of 8km which will be run within the confines of Laguna Bay (but hopefully incorporate some downhill run), a number of shorter courses for the juniors and an 20km long course which will extend beyond the Noosa National Park headland and work down the coast and back.

    If conditions are too windy or dangerous the courses can be changed to the bay or moved to the river so there will be a race of some description irrespective of the weather.

    As always we would appreciate paddlers entering early to enable us to arrange appropriate numbers of support craft which is never easy at the best of times.

    We look forward to big turn out and fair weather for a great day in Noosa.


    Race headquarters will be located at Noosa Main Beach, west of the Middle Groyne. Access to the beach is from Claude Batten Drive which is a continuation of Hastings Street.

    07:30 Briefing for Short (8km) Course

    07:45 Start of SUPs Short Course

    08:00 Start of OC-1/2 all divisions including 19U OC-1, 16U OC-2 and surfskis

    09:15 Briefing for all Junior courses

    09:30 Start 14U OC-1 and 12U OC-2 (2km)

    10:15 Start 12U OC-1 (1km)

    10:45 Start 16U OC-1 and 14U OC-2 (4km)

    11:45 Briefing for Long (20km) Course

    12:15 Start of OC-1/2 all divisions including 19U OC-2 and surfskis

    12:30 Junior prize presentations.

    High Tide: 07:50 (1.80 m) Low Tide: 14:03 (0.52 m)

    Full Moon

    Race Location.

    The start and finish of all events will be located just off the beach to the left (West) of the Middle Groyne. Make sure you come to the race briefing for details.

    The registration tent will be positioned at the back of the beach just to the left (West) of the middle groyne of Noosa Main Beach. Direct access is via the first car park on the right as you drive down Claude Batten Drive.

    This is a small car park and will not accommodate all paddlers' vehicles but there is a host of other car parks on both sides of Claude Batten Drive.

    Please do not block the emergency access to the beach at the first car park which leads to the life guard tower, thank you.

    Entry Fees

    Entries should be done on line before the day of the race. If you enter late evening there is chance we won't receive your online rego so please do before end of business on Friday 22nd October. Thank you. We will not be accepting cash on the day.

    Senior paddler: $16 per race

    Junior paddler: $10 per race

    Ski/SUP (AOCRA Member): $16 per race

    Ski/SUP (non AOCRA Member): $16 plus $20 AOCRA Fee (Insurance)


    All paddlers should ensure they both sign in and sign out at the registration desk. This will assist in the accuracy of the results and for safety reasons.

    Each paddler should ensure s/he has a lifejacket on the canoe or on their person and that the canoe has a leg leash.

    Please don't make us disqualify paddlers, as we have had to in the past, due to the lack of safety equipment. We will have club members checking canoes as they leave the beach and as they return.

    Medals for juniors

    Medals for juniors 16 and under will be presented at 12.30am during the running of the long course race.


    The tentative courses are as shown. However, these may change depending on prevailing weather conditions, and other factors with the race director's decision being final. If the race needs to be moved to the river the launch site is but a short walk away and there would be no need to move your vehicles.


    There will be no food tent at the event. However, there is no need for you to go hungry as there is a food court, supermarket and no end of cafes down on Hastings Street all within a short walk of the venue.

    Noosa Race Maps

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010


    We have new contact details

    Cell: 0412 598 929

    Oiwi Shirts for Sale!!

    New 'Oiwi Ocean Gear Apparel.

    Our mission at ‘Ōiwi is to provide functional, attractive apparel for paddlers and ocean sport enthusiasts. One definition of ‘ōiwi means native in the Hawaiian language and our designs capture the unique lifestyle of the Hawaiian islands.

    Over 95% of our products are cut, sewn, and printed in the U.S.A. We pride ourselves in partnering with U.S. companies to bring our products to market. All products have been developed and designed by ’Ōiwi in Hawai‘i.

    With the Summer Heat on its way get yourself into a 'Oiwi Paddling top
    Wahine Cap Sleeve

    Sleeveless Mens Cut
    Wahine, Tane Long Sleeve

    Ōiwi Ocean Gear produces custom apparel for canoe clubs, SUP Clubs, schools, and teams. ‘Ōiwi has been worn by many of the foremost paddling clubs and crews in the world, including Lanikai Canoe Club, Kai ‘Ōpua, Kailua Canoe Club, Hawaiian Canoe Club, Alapa Hoe Canoe Club, New York Outrigger, Wai Nui Kanaka and in recent years Team Bradley, the women’s championship crew that won the recent Na Wahine O Ke Kai, the famed Moloka‘i to O‘ahu canoe race.

    If you are interested in ordering custom jerseys, pricing, stock colors, and design fees please contact us.
    All custom orders require a 50% deposit of the total invoice.

    If your club/team requires a non-stock color, please ask about our minimums for non-stock colors. If you feel you cannot meet the minimum order for a custom color please contact us. We may be able to fulfill your desired color by pairing your order with another club or organization.

    Jerseys in stock colors are available now and can be ordered through our Australian sales representative Jodie Marsh.

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    Downwind Paddle

    With the increase in Wind and ground swell Woogie headed out early to get a downwind paddle down before work.

    Launched off Peregian Beach only just making it through the shore dump and heading towards Noosa Heads.

    Photos to come

    Father & Son Training

    With the school Holidays in there last week - Taj has been getting out there and making the most of the sun and good paddling weather.

    Taj heading out with is Dad at Noosa River Mouth and caught some good little waves on his Laguna Bay SUP 7' Board from Tully while Woogie was testing out a 10'6 Rockett from Coreban.

    Taj in position