Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Noosa OC1 OC2 QLD Series Race

Noosa outrigger Canoe Club OC1 OC2 QLD Series Race

NOCC is delighted to be hosting the 4th race of the 2010 AOCRA SQZ series for OC-1s and OC-2s plus surfskis and SUPs. Last year the weather was very kind to us and offered a challenging and testing event for all paddlers especially those in the long course. Let's hope for similar conditions again this year.

In line with AOCRA SQZ's recommendations, our regatta will comprise a short course of 8km which will be run within the confines of Laguna Bay (but hopefully incorporate some downhill run), a number of shorter courses for the juniors and an 20km long course which will extend beyond the Noosa National Park headland and work down the coast and back.

If conditions are too windy or dangerous the courses can be changed to the bay or moved to the river so there will be a race of some description irrespective of the weather.

As always we would appreciate paddlers entering early to enable us to arrange appropriate numbers of support craft which is never easy at the best of times.

We look forward to big turn out and fair weather for a great day in Noosa.


Race headquarters will be located at Noosa Main Beach, west of the Middle Groyne. Access to the beach is from Claude Batten Drive which is a continuation of Hastings Street.

07:30 Briefing for Short (8km) Course

07:45 Start of SUPs Short Course

08:00 Start of OC-1/2 all divisions including 19U OC-1, 16U OC-2 and surfskis

09:15 Briefing for all Junior courses

09:30 Start 14U OC-1 and 12U OC-2 (2km)

10:15 Start 12U OC-1 (1km)

10:45 Start 16U OC-1 and 14U OC-2 (4km)

11:45 Briefing for Long (20km) Course

12:15 Start of OC-1/2 all divisions including 19U OC-2 and surfskis

12:30 Junior prize presentations.

High Tide: 07:50 (1.80 m) Low Tide: 14:03 (0.52 m)

Full Moon

Race Location.

The start and finish of all events will be located just off the beach to the left (West) of the Middle Groyne. Make sure you come to the race briefing for details.

The registration tent will be positioned at the back of the beach just to the left (West) of the middle groyne of Noosa Main Beach. Direct access is via the first car park on the right as you drive down Claude Batten Drive.

This is a small car park and will not accommodate all paddlers' vehicles but there is a host of other car parks on both sides of Claude Batten Drive.

Please do not block the emergency access to the beach at the first car park which leads to the life guard tower, thank you.

Entry Fees

Entries should be done on line before the day of the race. If you enter late evening there is chance we won't receive your online rego so please do before end of business on Friday 22nd October. Thank you. We will not be accepting cash on the day.

Senior paddler: $16 per race

Junior paddler: $10 per race

Ski/SUP (AOCRA Member): $16 per race

Ski/SUP (non AOCRA Member): $16 plus $20 AOCRA Fee (Insurance)


All paddlers should ensure they both sign in and sign out at the registration desk. This will assist in the accuracy of the results and for safety reasons.

Each paddler should ensure s/he has a lifejacket on the canoe or on their person and that the canoe has a leg leash.

Please don't make us disqualify paddlers, as we have had to in the past, due to the lack of safety equipment. We will have club members checking canoes as they leave the beach and as they return.

Medals for juniors

Medals for juniors 16 and under will be presented at 12.30am during the running of the long course race.


The tentative courses are as shown. However, these may change depending on prevailing weather conditions, and other factors with the race director's decision being final. If the race needs to be moved to the river the launch site is but a short walk away and there would be no need to move your vehicles.


There will be no food tent at the event. However, there is no need for you to go hungry as there is a food court, supermarket and no end of cafes down on Hastings Street all within a short walk of the venue.

Noosa Race Maps

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