Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Race - Molokai 2 Oahu 2010

The Race

Race Date: Sunday July 25th 2010

Entry Deadline: July 1st 2010

Distance: 32 Miles across the Kaiiwi Channel

Course: From Kaluakoi Beach in Molokai to Muanalua Bay in Oahu. The course is approximately 32 miles form point to point and depending on wind and currents can take competitors to the north or south to ride swells and the tide.

Information: We have tried to compile all the information that you will need in planning for your race and travel in the following sections. We will be updating this section as we get closer to the event and encourage you to check back regularly.


How the Molokai Paddleboard race began –

From the desk of Mike Takahashi, Race Director

In 1996 paddleboarding was making a comeback. The sport, once the domain of only the most hardcore of waterman and big wave riders back in the late 50’s and 60’s had found a new set of acolytes on the North Shore of Oahu and in Honolulu at the Outrigger Canoe Club. At that time Hawaii’s top paddler was Dawson Jones. He had just completed the 32 mile Catalina Classic and felt that we could do the same thing here with the Molokai Channel. He got together with his training partners, Garrett Macamara, Charlie Walker, Dennis Pang, and I, Mike Takahashi to see if we thought it was possible to start a Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race in the following year, While we all agreed it was a great idea, only Dawson, Garrett, and I decided to try and put it together. Garrett and I started Epic Sports Productions as a means of keeping the race separate from our own personal finances. I put up all the initial start up money.

I realized early on that entry fees could not cover the cost of the race, so we began to look for sponsors. Pete Johnson put us in touch with Barrett tester, a freelance marketer, who assisted in establishing a relationship and money from a division at Quicksilver, called Q, which at the time was trying to establish itself as a line for “watermen.” I think Robert Redding was the director of the division at the time. It came together and the first crossing happened in July 1997. I did almost everything leading up to the race, Dawson organized the safety boats, and Garrett and Andrea ran the finish, since I was on Molokai organizing and paddling in the race.

The first race was a success in many ways. It was an instant hit with the local media. The contestants were stoked; we crossed the channel, a historic first time. Barrett ended up getting a job at Quicksilver and Mick Dibetta was on the way to becoming the father of Australian paddleboarding. I also realized that this event had a mystique and filled the void left by the lack of big winter surf during the summer. I knew that it had to be preserved and perpetuated. This year will mark the 14th annual running of the event. Amazing. Have a safe and fun crossing.

Molokai 2 Oahu

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