Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Year that was

Well Kia Kaha had a busy couple of months with the increase of SUP paddle sales and interest from Shops on the Gold Coast & Melbourne.

Check out our shop list for more details on places you can find Kia Kaha MK SUP 8.5'

November was full with OC1 & SUP races with Kia Kaha giving away 11 vouchers at the final of the SEQ OC1 OC2 Series.

Mariana from Kaipuna OCC was the luck winner of the most improved paddle for the Series and walked away with a new MK OC 8.5 Paddle - we made a few changes for Mariana as she is still young with developing bones. The MK OC 8.5' has a FG shaft which has slightly more flex in it than the normal Hybrid OC paddle. With this type of shaft Mariana will be able to change it while she is growing.

December saw the OC1, OC2 & SUP Australian Long Distance Nationals held by Coffs Coast OCC. It was a fully packed weekend with the 8 km & 25 km races held on the Sunday.

Results from the SUP races
8 km
Sue Sheard - 14' Vortice
Jodie Marsh - 14' Penetrator

25 km
Woogie Marsh - 18' Penetrator
Paul Jackson - DC 17'
Jake Talbort - DC 16'
Simon Dodd - Vortice
Dale Chapman - DC 16'

All paddled a great race in testing conditions

for more results check out the Coffs Harbour - coffsoutriggers.com/tag/nationals/

Footage from the 25 km Race


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