Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BIG Week with a BIGGER Weekend

Kia Kaha Canoes & Paddles Australia finally got its container full of canoes! With a long week of super high stress dealing with customers and freight forwarders & the local council to get permits we finally got the truck to deliver the container on Saturday Morning.

The Truck coming down our little street with a 40' container
He had to back - back up the street to turn around - this is Uncle backing back down to the house ready to unload.

Uplifting the container and placing it on the grass verge in front of the house.

The next question was - Do you have bolt cutters? No! we had to improvise with a hammer, hacksaw & wood pick. We got the bolt off in record time to open the doors and start unloading.
Taj would have loved watching this big truck & truck driver do his thing.
The truck was unloaded in record time.

Then he was gone.

Our front yard! - We quickly moved the canoes to the pool area and to the back of the house then raced to Paddle fit.

After Paddle fit we heading home to set up a couple of canoes for Demo on the Gold Coast on the Sunday. We packed the trailer up with a couple of Hiko Canoes and a couple of Wainui Canoes.
One the Sunday Morning we set up at Winders Park in Currumbin for a demo with Roar Industries SUP group.
Jacko Testing out the Hiko Canoe

Steve on the Wainui heading for a boat wash.

Our little man - just was amping to get out there on the canoe. We had a paddle sized up for him and he was off.

Steve on the Hiko

Some of the Ladies waiting for a go

Ali having a go - after he Molokai experience she was happy to give a sit down sport a go.

Steve a happy customer paddling out from Currumbin for a paddle up the coast. Steve loved his canoe so much over the 2 days he spent about 4 hrs on his new canoe.

We are holding another demo day this weekend 14th August up at Lions Park Noosa. We have also got canoes heading to Sydney for one of the Fenn races at Mona Vale.

Otherwise catch us at the 1st Oc1 Man Series race in Mooloolaba on the 21st August.

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