Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kia Kaha Paddles Care

If you are serious about performance, only the best product will do.  Kia Kaha SUP / OC Paddles offer the best designs that are 100% carbon with specially designed T-bars, tapered shafts & Functional Blades.

Kia Kaha SUP / OC Paddles are strong, efficient, light, proven & Tested to withstand all types of conditions.  These are Stand Up  or Outrigger Canoe Paddles made by SUP / OC Paddlers.  A custom light wieght paddle which is the same paddle that is being used by: Maui Kjeldsen, Woogie Marsh, Conan Herbert, Dane Wilson, Mick Fanning, Simon Anderson, Trevor Hendy, Lisa Curry Kenny and many more water people from around the world.

Taking Care of your New Kia Kaha SU / OC Paddles
Over time, use, storage, transportation, water, and sunlight can break down the polyurethane coatings.  A deteriorated costing can lead to yellowing of the strong, but UV vulnerable epoxy blade.  Also, heavy use in rocky / sandy areas can gradually deteriorate the blade tip protection.  However, proper paddle care and maintenance can prevent this and mean the difference between a tool that remains beautiful and functional on the water and something completely different.

As expected, preventing damage is the best way to ensure your paddle serves you well for many years.  The double carbon with Uni-Carbon and resin reinforced blade is designed to hold up in difficult conditions.  However, rocks and sand can damage any paddle blade over years of use.  You should always try to avoid using the paddle to push the SUB or Outrigger canoe or pry it against rocks and sand.  This is a job for a push pole and not a Kia Kaha SUP / OC Paddle.

Even with great care in avoiding damage, it is often impossible to avoid all situations.  As stated above, the epoxy resin is very strong, but does not hold up well to UV rays and once the protected polyurethane wears down, the resin becomes vulnerable to sunlight. 

With Proper Care, your Kia Kaha SU / OC Paddle will last for years.  Kia Kaha carbon fiber SUP / OC Paddles are designed with sufficient reinforcements in the tip to allow small dings or chips to be sanded or filed out.  Blades that become blunt from hard use can also be sanded or filed.  By inspecting your paddles after each use and after a hard hit, you may be able to catch any damage early when repair is easy.  All Kia Kaha SUP / OC Paddles are made in three Pieces so a part can easily be replaced.

If you look carefully, you can see the solid carbon fiber edge that goes around your paddle blade.  You can sand or file this solid edge.  After the bottom edge is sanded a few times, it will be slightly thicker and more durable.

On the front face of all SU/ OC paddle blades towards the sides & bottom or small dots.  This is a normal result of manufacturing.  It will not affect paddle strength or performance.

Always protect your paddle from direct sunlight when it is not in use.  A paddle bag provides the best overall protection from ultraviolet light.  If you stow your paddle immediately after using it, you won't drive off without it - or over it.

Sand your paddle using wet sandpaper.

Keep the blade edges sanded or filed smooth.  Smooth edges gives you a clean, quiet entry and keep your paddle layers from coming apart.  Be careful not to sand through to the Balsa Core.  Exposing the Balsa Core to water can damage the core.

If you get a puncture, crack or hole in your paddle, dry the paddle.  Water will damage the core.  You need to get it repaired by a professional repairperson ASAP.

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