Sunday, February 8, 2009

NFoS Week 2 Program Sessions

Week 2 

This week look at increasing your intensity by 10% with an increase in Duration by 10 minutes as well.

Skills & Technique are important as perfect practice makes perfect.

Important Points:
Some people mistakenly think that the closer they follow a programme, the better the chances of top performance.  This is in fact not true.  Listen to your body first, then look at the programme, and then decide how you will train for the day or week.

Without recovery there is not improvement.  Without improvement there is not increase in performance.  Recovery is very important.

Never try to catch up a missed work out.  If it is gone, it's gone.

If conditions are right for surfing, down hill runs use them when they happen - be flexible in your programme.

Be patient.  While this programme will help your performance it generally takes two to three build-ups to get everything running really smoothly.

Warm Ups & Cool Down's are very important take the time to do both of these correctly and your training session will run smoothly.

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