Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pure Light 5 km SUP Paddle - NFoS

Two weeks out from the Pure Light 5 km SUP Paddle

Start to sharpen things up - thinking about speed out of the blocks and speed to get into or onto peoples board wash.

Sub- Phase: High resistance acceleration on board
Training Theme: High aerobic Speed

Small bungie around board to create drag - this could be a leg rope dragging in the water behind the board.
Drills & Skills are important so make these a center point in your warmup & cool down

Warm up: 
10 mins - normal paddle focus on technique & power at catch of the stroke

6 x 10 meters 2 mins Rest Interval (RI) 100%
4 x 12 strokes 60 secs RI - (12 strokes on the same side) 100%

Cool down:
2 x 5 min easy paddles 60 sec RI
Kick Turns
Walking the boards
Rodeo Turns

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